Annual Audit and Annual Reports

Notice of conclusion of audit

Annual Return for the year ending 31st March 2018

Section 25 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014
Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/234)

The audit of accounts for the Council for the year ending 31 March 2018 has been completed, and the accounts have been published.

The Annual Governance & Accountability Return is available for inspection by any local government elector of the area of Bradwell Parish Council by appointment (please telephone 01493 444478) on application to:

Jeremy Caborn,
Parish Clerk,
Leo Coles Pavilion,
25 Green Lane,
Gt Yarmouth. NR31 8QG

Copies will be provided to any local government elector on payment of £1.00 for each copy of the Annual Return.

Announcement made by Jeremy Caborn, Parish Clerk.

Date of Announcement: 24th September 2018.

Parish Council Report

1st April 2017 - 31st March 2018

he Parish Council conducts much of its business through a committee system. The work over the last twelve months (and the ‘ongoing’ work) of the council and its ‘main’ committees is outlined below:-

Planning & Development Committee (Present membership - John Francis (Chairman), Keith Baker, Bob Carrier, Brian Comer (Vice-Chairman), Ted Howlett, John Shaw, Trevor Wainwright, Sue Watson and Chris Wells) continues to make observations and, where appropriate, objections to local planning applications, and to question decisions made. It has been consulted on 50 GYBC planning applications between 1.4.17 and 18.1.18 - this figure compares with 67 for the same period last year, and 53 the year before. It has supported a number of objections from neighbours of proposed developments, including complaints about felled ‘tree preservation order’ trees, and fears for other such trees on the site as a consequence of proposed further development, on one property, and a proposal for a new dwelling in another part of Bradwell where there was no proper provision for access to the site - the latter was refused, and the former has still to be resolved.

The committee has continued to make representations regarding the applications to build large numbers of new dwellings in South Bradwell - the next phase of the ‘Persimmon’ development, to build another 184 dwellings, is presently being considered. A number of complaints regarding ‘phase 1’, concerning vehicle damage to the surface of the neighbouring Clay Lane bridleway, were lodged, and action was eventually taken to carry out the necessary repairs. Objections have been raised to both the County and the Borough Council, and Highways England, regarding the decision to proceed with a proposal to spend a considerable amount of ‘Section 106’ money (developer’s contributions from Persimmon Homes Anglia Ltd. re the above) on the provision and installation of traffic lights on the A47/Beaufort Way/Links Road roundabout, even though ‘internal’ Norfolk County Council reports had very recently suggested that present traffic flows did not warrant such provision, and were unlikely to do so for at least another five years. The Anglian Water upgrade to its Morton Crescent and Stepshort Road pumping stations is still ongoing.

The Borough Council’s work on the latest Borough Wide Local Plan is still ongoing. The Core Strategy (part 1 of the new Local Plan) was adopted in December 2015. The Borough Council is currently working on the Detailed Policies and Site Allocations (part 2 of the new Local Plan) which will provide more detailed policies to assess planning applications, as well as specifying new allocations for housing, employment, retail, open space etc. It is planned that the first round of public consultation on the document will take place later this Spring.

Amenities & Highways Committee (Present membership - Brian Comer (Chairman), Trevor Wainwright (Vice-Chairman), Keith Baker, Bob Carrier, Ted Howlett, Jo Jones, Eddie Macdonald, John Shaw, Roger Squires, Sue Watson, and Chris Wells) - the council receives an annual ‘concurrent functions grant’ of £16,410 from Gt Yarmouth Borough Council, which it uses to maintain Green Lane Playing Field, the Leo Coles Pavilion changing room facilities, Gipsies Green and eight bus shelters; a portion of this grant is also passed on to St Nicholas Parish Church PCC, for maintenance of the burial ground.

Two local football teams, El Sol and Gt Yarmouth Town Hall, play their home games at the Green Lane Playing Field. In June 2017 a very successful fete, organised by Rev’d Matthew Price and his team from the St Nicholas Parish Church, was held at the playing field - it is hoped that a similar event can be arranged for 2019. Two new trees have been planted on the Gipsies Green site, to replace two that had died. Various works, including safety improvements to the playing field site entrance near the children’s play area, and re-lining of the car park area, and roof repairs and improvements to the showers within Leo Coles Pavilion, have been carried out. Some internal improvements have also been made to the Golden Jubilee Pavilion, funded by Bradwell Bowling Club. The Bradwell Community Woodland Project team, who oversaw the planting of the ‘Generation Wood’ trees near Mill Lane Centre, and the upkeep of them for the past 10+ years, have recruited some new volunteers. An application to improve the surface of the footpath that leads from Lords Lane to the Churchyard, which is regularly used by many schoolchildren and parents, via a ‘match funding’ proposal from Norfolk County Council, was accepted, at a cost to the Parish and the County of £9,236.27 each, £18,472.54 total, and the works were carried out in August 2017, during the school holiday period. Many thanks to all concerned. A similar application has now been made, following a request from a parishioner, for the provision of a new bus shelter on Beaufort Way (near ‘Bluebell Meadow’), at a cost to the Parish and the County of £2,975 each, £5,950 in total, and a decision is expected shortly - the point was made that this is a very ‘exposed’ area for anyone to stand waiting for a bus for any length of time.

An Act of Remembrance was again carried out at the Memorial on Remembrance Sunday 2017. A letter of appreciation was sent to Mr B Young, Head Teacher, Homefield Primary School, regarding another Act of Remembrance held two days earlier, involving children from all three Bradwell primary schools. Another successful ‘additional rubbish collection day’ was held in March 2017, and another will be held on April 14, 2018. The parish allotments continue to be popular, and some new tenants have taken on a plot this year - there are currently a small number of vacant plots, mainly on the Beccles Road site. The committee extends its thanks to the six members of the allotments advisory committee (3 from each site), whose help in allocating plots to new tenants, and with the general running of the sites, has once again proved to be invaluable. The Cley Road site has again won ‘Gt Yarmouth & Gorleston in Bloom’ awards - the certificates were presented to the October Parish Council meeting.

Finance & General Purposes Committee (Present membership - Eddie Macdonald (Chairman), Ted Howlett (Vice-Chairman), Bob Carrier, John Francis, Jo Jones, John Shaw and Chris Wells) holds the purse strings, and keeps a close check on the Council’s finances. The Council’s draft accounts for the 2017/18 financial year will be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting. The 2017/18 ‘precept’ amount of £51,000 will not be increased in 2018/19, although there will be a slight increase in the amounts paid by Bradwell council tax payers, due to a reduction in ‘Council Tax Support Grant’ from the Borough Council .

The committee has made a donation of £2,000 to Bradwell Reading Room Trust, to cover the cost of heating improvements within the Library building (further to its recent ‘drying-out’), and hopefully part-fund some external decoration works. It has also made a donation to the Mill Lane Centre Trustees Committee of £3,000, to cover costs already incurred for the supply and installation of suspended partition wall with insulation, and associated works, and to also make a small contribution towards other necessary works, e.g. replacement of front door at a cost of over £800, replacement of wooden kitchen window, and improvements to the fire doors. Grants of £100 each have also been made to Age UK (re local activities), and Norfolk Accident Rescue Service.

The committee annually reviews the council’s insurance policy and risk assessment policy, and ensures that other ‘internal controls’ are carried out regularly, such as internal finance checks, and building and ‘health and safety’ checks. There is one sub-committee - ‘Public Relations and Publicity’, which oversees production of the ‘Bradwellian’ publication and provision of the website.

The Parish Council (Chairman Chris Wells, Vice-Chairman Ted Howlett, see page 23 for membership) meets to oversee the work of its committees; hear reports from and raise issues with County and Borough Councillors and the Local Police; receive reports from its representatives on outside bodies. Further to only eight out of the fifteen council ‘seats’ being filled by election, in May 2016, the council has been pleased to welcome four new members, taking the current total number to twelve.

Representations were made to Norfolk Constabulary some time ago that the area being overseen by the ‘Bradwell’ Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) did not include the whole of ‘Bradwell Parish’, and that this led to a distortion in reported crime figures for ‘Bradwell’. Some changes have been made recently, but nearly all of Bradwell South remains part of ‘Southern Villages’, i.e. the SNT for Belton, Burgh Castle, Hopton, Fritton and St Olaves. The Parish Council has more recently been advised of further changes to the SNT’s, and to the quarterly Bradwell ‘Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel’ (SNAP) meetings that have set local policing priorities for quite a few years, further to the decision that as from March the Police Community Support Officer role will cease to exist in Norfolk. From April, most SNT’s will only have a Beat Manager, supported by the 24/7 patrol teams, and it is therefore proposed that there will only be one SNAP for the area encompassing the following SNT’s - Southern Villages, Cobholm, Southtown, Bradwell, Magdalen and Gorleston.  

Another ‘thank you’ evening for ‘Bradwellian’ deliverers and Allotment Advisory Committee members was arranged in August 2017.